Far Out Weed Cannabis Logo Design by Jeffrey Dirkse
Far Out Cosmic Infused Weed Packaging Design by Jeffrey Dirkse
Work Process
Challenges — Because of the time differences we mostly communicate during the end and beginning of our days depending on the time zone. The good thing about this was that I could present the work I did during the day, and continue the next morning after reading the feedback and approval.
Goals — The goal for Far Out was to develop a brand that is "out there", with bold colors and attention grabbing packages. I suggested we use mascotte as the logo, which became the "UFO Cat Tripp", who landed on earth bringing his finest Herbs. Because the client also wanted to build a Clothing Brand there was a need for a unique character that stands out on a T-Shirt, Sweater or any other type of apparel. 
Solution — By focussing on the UFO Cat as the main Mascotte we build a brand that could be rolled out on any type of print or online asset and setting while setting the right tone of humor, originality and literally being 'Far Out'.
Brand Identity
Starting off with the Brand Identity, which included the development of the main mascotte, Brand Guide, Typography, Colors and Fonts.
Far Out Weed - Style Guide Design by Jeffrey Dirkse
After the development of the Style Guide I started designing the first Pre-Roll Package, which became Strawberry. After approval I designed the other 5 flavors. The Pre-Rolls can be bought per package, or per box of 50. After the Pre-Roll Packages I also designed three "Disco Lettuce" packages. Finally a Menu was designed which included all of the items mentioned above.
Far Out Indoor Disco Lettuce Packaging Design by Jeffrey Dirkse
Far Out Indoor Disco Lettuce Packaging Design by Jeffrey Dirkse
Far Out Indoor Disco Lettuce Packaging Design by Jeffrey Dirkse
Far Out Weed Menu Design by Jeffrey Dirkse
Merchandise & Goodies
Next up are the Goodies and Merchandise items. This included a Clothing Line, Business Cards, Stickers, Enamel Pins and much more to come.
Far Out Weed Business Cards Design by Jeffrey Dirkse
Far Out Weed - Paper Design by Jeffrey Dirkse

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