Chonky Bomb Cat Sticker Design by Jeffrey Dirkse
Chonky Bomb 
“Chonk” (チョンキーボーイ) First seen in an Internet meme, the word “chonk” refers to an chubby housecat. I took this idea and transformed it into a Atom Bomb Cat as part of promotional stickers I make every year.
Shiba Sushi
For years I had two country’s on the top of my ‘to go’ list; USA and Japan. In 2019 I travelled to USA, and in 2021  I'm going to Japan, Tokyo, Nikko, Hakone, Kyoto, Kanazawa, Hirosima and Osaka. To celebrate this amazing trip I designed this Shiba Sushi Chef Enamel Pin, to carry on my backpack.
Liquid Vision
Another Cat Inspired illustration, this time within a Lava Lamp. I love all kinds of retro objects and a Lava Lamp is one of those things that will never grow out of fashion.
Spiritual Connection
Illustrated as a concept for Social Media, I used this illustration for hitting 4k followers on Instagram. My idea behind it is that we are all spiritual connected (as a joke ofcourse). 👽
Skull Lantern
I was walking in the forest when I met this Forester who was still carrying around a old Torch Light. I took that object and replaced the light with a skull.
Under the Influence
Enamel Pin I illustrated to celebrate working 10 years as a Freelancer. These pins are still available for sale. Send me a email for more details about pricing.
Illustration made to celebrate a Vacation to Greece back in 2018. I made a few shirts of these as well to wear it on the sunny beach of Kos.

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