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Jolly Cookies

Perth, Australia

Brand Identity

Jolly Cookies is an Australian cookie shop that specializes in 'fair dinkum sweet' treats. With the environment in mind, Jolly Cookies approaches the market with a positive 'strayan' vibe in both their product and communication.

Strayan (also known as having an Australian accent) is a common way of slang in many parts of Australia. When the owner Alex approached me to develop a Brand Identity I suggested to use this way of communication to emphasize and appeal to the Australian market.

The slogan 'Fair Dinkum Sweet' applies to the Australian saying that something is very good, but also fits the brand's approach to baking their product. Jolly Cookies bakes with a eco-friendly and sustainable approach by using local ingredients and being aware of managing leftover waste.
Client Review​​​​​​​
Alex Smith

"I absolutely loved working with Jeffrey! He clearly identified what he would deliver and how everything represented my brand perfectly." 

He was polite, punctual and gave great advice during the design phase. After sale assistance is always there with Jeffrey, numerous time I have needed assistance with graphic adjustments and he has completed those for me instantly.

Thanks to him I can focus on my business and know that the visual side of it is being taken care of in the best way possible.

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