Orbit - Asian Cuisine Amsterdam Restaurant Logo Design by Jeffrey Dirkse

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Brand Identity
Orbit is an Oriental Restaurant in Amsterdam that serves authentic Chinese dishes and Asian Cuisine. Since the launch of the Restaurant their visual identity remained unchanged. Therefor I designed and a new Brand Identity.

When meeting with the Danny, the Owner of Orbit I had free range to propose a style of direction. Danny only requested that the new Brand Identity had a more playful approach together with a touch of modernism. 

Danny is known as someone who has a real positive attitude and is full of humor. Since he is the heart of the Restaurant I added his fun personality into a playful Mascotte with an Asian look and feel. This mascotte together with a serif Logotype maintain a perfect balance between playful and modern. 
Orbit - Asian Cuisine Amsterdam Restaurant Menu Design by Jeffrey Dirkse
Orbit - Asian Cuisine Amsterdam Restaurant Menu Design by Jeffrey Dirkse
Client Review
Danny Nam

"It was amazing to see how professional Jeffrey is. Focussing on details, listening to the clients needs, and being patient while delivering awesome work."

Chuck Lee, the owner of Restaurant Tomo Sushi recommended Jeffrey to me. After seeing his work, I was hooked. I particularly love his playful style. Next to that It was amazing to see how Jeffrey professional is. 

He has an eye for details, listens to the clients needs and is patient. I'm very happy with the result and the new designs of my Restaurant and would recommend to hire him for any design related projects!

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